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We believe Oklahoma needs to aggressively develop its renewable resources to spur economic development (particularly in rural areas), improve the environment, and preserve our state's position as a net electricity exporter. Oklahoma is blessed with abundant natural gas and renewable energy, and we believe these complimentary energy resources represent the future of a clean domestic energy supply. Renewable energy--with no fuel costs, very low operating costs, and unlimited supply—can help stabilize long-term energy prices—reducing the risk of price spikes.

Oklahoma renewable energy council


Education is a core piece of the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council's mission.  Providing unbiased information on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and complementary technologies is a key role in our community that OREC can fulfill.


Connect with renewable energy peers through our monthly meetings or one of our other networking and education events.

Skeleton Creek wind energy center in Timberlake, Oklahoma on November 29, 2020.

Growing Oklahoma's Energy

Our state is home to top-tier renewable energy resources. Both wind and solar resource potential are in the top ten in the United States.

Thank you to WFEC for the picture of Skeleton Creek in Major, Alfalfa, and Garfield Counties, Oklahoma!

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