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Association of Central Oklahoma Governments

ACOG is the leading voice for regional collaboration in Central Oklahoma.  Comprised of local governments that include 40 cities and towns and 4 counties, ACOG’s mission is to advocate for regional cooperation and address common issues; solve mutual problems and promote efficient government services; and to strive to improve the quality of life in Central Oklahoma across five service areas: Transportation Planning Services (Metropolitan Planning Organization – MPO), 911 & Public Safety, Community & Economic Development, Air Quality, and Water Resources.

Contact Information: Eric Pollard,

Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis

IPPRA conducts research and builds partnerships by integrating public policy scholarship with the physical and engineering sciences. We aim to increase human well-being, improve social choice infrastructure, and enhance resilience by addressing complex public policy problems and creating opportunities that span natural, technological, and social systems. Our research:

  • Enables better public policy decision-making that serves the public interest, stakeholders, and decision makers.
  • Provides data analysis on how individuals, groups, and decision-makers perceive and respond to an array of threats and opportunities.
  • Focuses on the human element in complex systems with state-of-the-art theory, data collection and modeling of belief systems, social valuation, public choice, decision-making, human behavior, and public policy analysis methods.

IPPRA employs a diverse range of modeling and state of the art social science methods to achieve a common systems perspective, seeking to integrate the social, natural, and technological components of a problem area. Our applications range from local to international in scope. IPPRA conducts research across numerous problem areas, including: weather, climate and water; energy and environment; national security; education and society; and public health.

Contact Information: Nina Carlson,


Tulsa Renewable Business Alliance

At the Tulsa Renewable Business Alliance leaders in the renewable energy sector come together promote public awareness and understanding of renewable energy; support the needs of member companies; provide a strong, unified voice on legislative, regulatory, and policy issues; and protect and enhance the integrity of the renewable energy industry in Tulsa.

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The Value of OREC

OREC is the primary organization dedicated to advancing and educating about renewable energy in Oklahoma.  Join us to learn more and get involved!